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She doesn't dare to go there alone at night改写:She there by herself at night -It is secret between us.Do not tell anybody.-Sure__.A.I will B.I will C.I will not. I Have Faith In You 歌词 Anywhere you are,i am near Anywhere you go,i'll be there i'm gonna be here forever more 还有这句. he doesn\'t dare to go home alone,does she?她不敢独自回家,这句话中dare为什么做了实义动词? Anywhere you are,I am near.Anywhere you go,I'll be there Every single promise I keep.Anywhere you are,I am near.Anywhere you go,I'll be thereEvery single promise I keep. It Is faith you have in me Anywhere you are,I am near Anywhere you go,Iii bethere Anytime you whispr my name,you`II see 什么意 When i was your age,I dared to go out alone at night ,___you?为什么填dare 求高手、、、 英语翻译如何翻译 These people live in Paris.(改为一般疑问句) ( )these people ( ) in Paris? Read each pair of guide words and the words that are listed below them. 英语翻译XX always said he who loves in a glass house should not throw stones at other people's houses有点想不起来 Mr Green will stay in China____ Friday. the old are respected in our country为什么the old 后用are而不用is Do you need about ten minutes ____your do C.doing D./ 想知道第8集一首英文插曲的歌名,什么in the sunny day sun will shine your day.rainy day .很经典的一首歌,多次出现在港片里,妙手仁心iii也配有, what is he doing?中文回答是他在钓鱼,英语怎么回答? shine in love your my sun 为什么“君子之交淡如水”译成“He who lives in glass house should not throw stone"难道说因为glass house 蛋白质保健品在人体内会消化成氨基酸再吸收那样跟吃鸡蛋等富含蛋白质的东西有什么区别吗 为什么“正人先正己”译为“He who lives in glass house should not throw stone"难道因为glass house 蛋白质会消化成氨基酸,在体内会不会再组合呢 have faith “早读在7:10开始”用英语怎么说“您的学生”用英语怎么说 have faith on和have faith in 到底哪个对?我所知道的have faith in you,指我对你有信心.但是有首英文歌的歌词却是have faith on you.on 和 in是真的有这两种说法呢,还是什么原因? 求翻译:“a lot of people tell us that our down days are every bit as instructive as our ups.” 连词成句:on,likes,the,with,friends,may,talking,telephone,her连词成句:on,likes,the,with,friends,may,talking,,telephone,her, hold the line 的中文意思! HOLD THE LINE怎么样 改错I didn't know how riding a riding 改为 how to ride. i must have faith in who i am的中文意思查中文意思